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Sodium Polyacrylate/PAAS

Sodium Polyacrylate/PAAS
Unit: MT
Origin: Hebei,China
Unit Price: USD2500 /MT
Min order: 1MT
Transportation: Ocean Transport
Payment: T/T
Product Description:
Sodium Polyacrylate PAAS is a synthetic anionic polyelectrolyte (modified acrylic polymer) used to reduce fluid loss and stabilize rheology in fresh, brackish or salt water-based drilling fluids.
It is a cost effective polymeric drilling fluid thinner / deflocculant, has temperature stability to 400 (240 Degrees Fahrenheit), and it is not susceptible to bacterial degradation.

1. drilling mud thinner.
2. Effective bridging agent, good acid-soluble plugging material.
3. High temperature stability to 400 (240 Degrees F ) .
4. An excellent cost effective polymeric drilling fluid dispersant.
5. Smaller particles can meet at different geological requirements.
6. Non toxicity, non-polluting, will not cause harm to the environment.
7. easy to use and maintain, directly added.
8. Essentially chemically inert and has minimum effect on fluid properties.

1.Drilling mud thinner;
2.Viscosity reduction;
3.Bridge for fluid loss control;
4.HTHP Filtrate Reducer;
5.Well cementing.
Used in water-base drilling fluid and Well cementing fluid as acid soluble bridge blocking additive and inert fluid loss additive. 

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