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Xanthan Gum-industrial Grade

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VEKEN® Xanthan Gum (XC polymer)
CAS NO.: 11138-66-2   EINECS NO.: 234-394-2   H.S. CODE: 391390
Molecular Formula: C35 H49 O29
Product Description:
VEKEN® Xanthan Gum, also named XC polymer, is a kind of extracellular acidic hetero-poly saccharide fermented by Xanthomonas. It is a macromolecule microbial polymer, made from carbohydrate, like corn starch, by microbe fermentation engineering cultivation, extraction, drying and grinding. Due to its excellent heat stability, salt stability and rheological property, it is the best drilling fluid stabilizer, thereby being widely used in multiple industries, such as petroleum, geological mining and textile, etc.

Particle size 80 80
Viscosity(cp) ≥1450 1810
Shearing Ratio ≥6.5 7.7
Loss on dry (%) ≤15.0 10.5
Ashes ≤16.0 6.4
PH value 6.0-8.0 7.4
Salt-tolerance 3rpm ≥16 16.5
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